chromiumify #2

With the latest release of chromiumify you can now publish and install Chrome Apps from NPM.


In this tutorial we will create a basic Chrome App using chromiumify and publish it to npm.

Let's Go!!

To start lets install chromiumify

$ npm install chromiumify -g

Create a project folder

$ mkdir hello-world-proj
$ cd hello-world-proj

Now create a folder for the chrome app. This will contain the build output for your project.

$ mkdir chrome-app

Then use chromiumify to generate a template project in the folder that you just created.

$ chromiumify gen chrome-app

You should now be able to see the template project run

$ chromiumify run chrome-app

The above command should show this screen.

{<2>} Initial Screen

Now you have the base application up lets publish it to NPM

First we need to create a package.json so run

$ npm init

And answer the prompts

Now you will need to create a folder to hold the post installation script and then run chromiumify to generate the configuration.

$ mkdir npminstall
$ chromiumify npmpkg npminstall chrome-app

The first parmeter (npminstall) is the folder the generated script will be placed into the second parameter (chrome-app) is the folder containing the chrome app.

Now you can publish the app to NPM

$ npm publish

And users can install it directly into there local chrome browser with

$npm install name_of_your_app